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Web Accessibility and Design (EDIT 526)

Fall 2008 | Paula Bohman | 3 credits

Course Description

Develops understanding of principles of universal web design. Students apply this understanding by designing and developing accessible web site using web authoring tools.

Reflections & Highlights

I have always been fascinated with web design and development which, in part is one of the many reasons I entered GMU's IDD program. This course was very eye-opening for me in that it vastly increased my awareness of how my future design of eLearning products would require accommodations for those with visual, auditory, physical and psychological impairments.

I not only learned how to employ XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS but how to harness the power of both to design web-based training and review eLearning products ensuring they meet a minimum of Section 508 standards as required specifically by Government-owned websites and other web-based media.

Since having taken this course in 2008, this website is the third iteration of my original project site. I continue to ensure it meets accessibility and W3C HTML and CSS standards. For this current version, I wanted to take a chance and try working with HTML5 (previous versions were coded to XHTML 4.0 Strict and Transitional) and CSS3. After much trial and error, I am proud to present this site as I continue to develop my skills. Following graduating, I intend to explore learning opportunities that will enable me to expand my skillset in both web development and web design.

Professional/Technical Competencies

  • XHTML Programming
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Section 508 / Accessibility Compliance
  • Adobe DreamWeaver

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