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Mobile Learning (EDIT 575)

Summer 2010| Benjamin Bonnet| 2 credits

Course Description

This course focused specifically on the impact of mobile technology on learning by examining trends and techniques involved with creating and consuming learning assets with mobile devices.

Reflections & Highlights

Over the past decade, our fascination with mobile devices is ever increasing and thusly inviting instructional designers such as myself to consider useful ways to employ the affordances of this quickly advancing field of technology. In this course we delved into the pedadgogical possibilities afforded by mobile devices, sought to define what "mobile learning" or mLearning is, and were introduced to some of the various open-source products used to create mobile applications or "apps". Mobile technology enables on-demand access to information however, the size of the equipment for which it is developed imposes limitations. I do not foresee the use of mobile devices (and when I say mobile devices, I am primarily referring to smart phones) as a replacement for computers for the delivery of entire courses or curriculums. That being said, since Apple's introduction of the iPad I may have to reconsider my former statement. We shall see. Overall I view mobile learning as a viable option in the instructional designers aresenal of tools for developing applications that enhance distance and blended learning environments for all ages.

Professional/Technical Competencies

  • Storyboarding
  • Designing for Mobile Devices
  • JQTouch

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