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Adobe Captivate for Educators

Summer 2011 | Wanda Mally| 1 credit

Course Description

Introduction to Adobe Captivate for instructional designers.


8/3/2011—This week we wrapped up the course by integrating as many techniques as possible into a complete tutorial. I designed a tutorial to help demystify the two most fundamental financing options when it comes to car buying. There was a time I would have instantly put my foot down and refused to lease a car... four years later, I am leasing my second Nissan and very happy with the arrangement. I hope that this tutorial will help others like myself get a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both taking out a car loan or leasing a vehicle. To view the tutorial, select the last item in the Artifacts section.

7/28/2011—Assignment #3: This week we learned about branching and how to develop quizzes. I added a quiz to my original tutorial (see Assignment #1).

7/20/2011—New tutorial! How to Import PowerPoint Slides into a New Captivate Project

7/15/2011—To view my first project, select Introduction to PowerPoint 2010 in the Artifacts section located in the upper-right corner of the page.

Professional/Technical Competencies

  • Adobe Captivate Authorware
  • Preparing graphics for digital media
  • Storyboarding and usability testing

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