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Flash CS3

Spring 2009| Wanda Mally| 1 Credit

Course Description

Introduction to Adobe Flash for instructional designers.

Reflections & Insights

I have always enjoyed art and have been fascinated by the unlimited possibilities afforded by Adobe's creative products. I took this course to gain an understanding of how to create interactive objects and animated images for the purposes of enhancing future course design. Admittedly I struggled with necessary accuracy of writing code or Action Script as it is referred to, to enable interactivity in my assignments. Having said that, I have a much greater appreciation for the level of effort required of the graphic artists who are likely to build these engagements as a part of the designs I prepare in a professional setting. Another realization that I came to after having completed the Web Design and Accessibility course (EDIT 526) is that Flash as a product does not lend itself well to meeting the accessibility requirements of Section 508. It is indeed possible to create accessible interactions however, it is far more difficult and requires additional expertise beyond tagging of images.

I completed this course several years ago using AS (Action Script) 2.0 and have since discovered Adobe's latest product Flash Catalyst. After some tinkering I did find that it [Catalyst] is designed for those of us who are not programmers, but may want a customized learning object that can be created in any of Adobe's sister products such as Illustrator or PhotoShop. After reviewing several of Adobe's online tutorials I was able to design several objects with relative ease, the AS 3.0 was automatically produced and I was able to design simple objects that were easily imported into a multitude of formats that enable interoperability across flash-enabled products.

I hope to someday have the opportunity to work some more with this product in the professional arena.

Professional/Technical Competencies

  • Graphic Design
  • Tweening/Animation
  • Multi-media Integration
  • Action Script 2.0

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