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Project List

Instructional Design (Independent Contracts)

Client: Head3

  1. Converted video-recorded medical systems training into interactive e-learning modules using Captivate. Worked with a team of four to convert over 120 hours of training captured.
  2. Designed a short, five-minute, scenario-based refresher course for Advance Auto Parts' Sales Associates. The course was developed using Articulate Studio and the Adobe Creative Suite (for graphics).
  3. Converted an existing Driver Awareness (Defensive Driving) e-learning course from English to Spanish using Articulate Studio.

ICF International Projects

Project: Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Child Trauma Services Initiative (NCTSI) Integrated Collaborative Online Network (NICON) Systems Training

Designed and developed four 20-minute Web-based Training (WBT) courses in one business calendar month. Given the time-constraints, a brief analysis was conducted quickly launching the project into the design and development phases. Worked closely with SMEs to define learning objectives, organize content, and craft test questions to ensure learners would be able to apply new knowledge. Served as the team's technical resource on how to use Captivate 5.5 and Adobe Audition including implementation of accessibility and Section 508 protocols.

Project: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Response Operations Management Courses Training Analysis

Reviewed a number of FEMA management courses to determine whether the content of those courses addressed specific competencies and behaviors in 19 FEMA Position Task Books (PTBs). Developed evaluation criteria and templates to crosswalk 1,400 position-specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) with course content. Given the scope of this project, I designed and programmed an Excel workbook for the purposes of collecting and managing data used to produce valuable, specific, and consumer-friendly reports. The courses were assessed for instructional solidarity, relevancy to the KSAs, and distilled into comprehensive reports citing instructional gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Project: FEMA National Incident Management System (NIMS) All-Hazards Incident Command System (ICS) accessibility conversion.

These courses educate large communities on how to create a cohesive response to terrorist threats and attacks. Converted existing ILT materials for over 20 courses to meet Section 508 accessibility standards. This task involved reviewing, re-building, tagging, sequencing, using Adobe PDF compliance and accessibility testing, and manual review of converted materials. Materials included instructor and participant guides, train-the-trainer materials, and supplemental resources (e.g. maps, procedure documents, forms, etc.). Played a key role in organizing and managing a large quantity of disparate documents by developing standardized filing strategies and file taxonomy making future revision of these materials much more efficient.

ManTech University

Project: Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention courses for employees, manager, and California-based managers.

  1. Re-designed COTS web-based courseware to create three distinct, customized courses. Designed custom scenarios that exemplified possible scenarios the learners might possibly encounter. Conducted analysis of existing courseware, developed three separate design documents, worked with SME's and other stakeholders to identify objectives, learning strategies, visual components, and evaluation methods/criteria. Used Articulate Studio '09 along with XtraNormal to develop interactive scenarios using animated robotic characters.
  2. Project: PeopleSoft Labor Reporting and Employee Performance Management Systems Training Tasked to design three labor reporting courses in preparation for software upgrade from 8.8 to 9.1 for the following audiences: new employees, new managers, and a refresher course for current employees and managers. Used Camtasia to produce the fifteen (15) minute refresher course, and ContentPoint and CapturePoint to develop the two other courses.
  3. Designed two scenario-based courses, one for employees, the other for managers, on how to use the new version of the Employee Performance Management System to navigate through the entire performance review process and setting goals.

Graphic & Web Design and Development Services/Projects

Client: Financial Investments Advisors

Provided graphic and web-design/development services to update www.finvas.com. Using Adobe Creative Suite (DreamWeaver (XHTML and CSS), Illustrator, and PhotoShop) designed a clean, simple, user-friendly, and accessible site for both new and existing customers.

Personal Project

XtineOnline Graduate Portfolio (www.xtineonline.com) Designed and developed instructional design portfolio using DreamWeaver (XHTML and CSS) to program the site and Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop for the graphics. The purpose of the site is to catalogue my progress and exhibit samples of my work. Completed recent conversion from XHTML 4.0 Strict to HTML5 CSS3.

Client: Mountain View Alternative High School Students

Senior/Graduate photo touch-up services for low-income students. Students provide me with their own personal photographs. Using PhotoShop, the images are refined, corrected, and modified as desired by the customer to create professional-looking portraits.

Clients: ADL Initiative, Stress Management Clinic, Pudgy and Pals, Double D Home Improvement Services, ManTech University

Designed custom logos, stationary, digital wall-paper, templates (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) marketing collateral, and signage for both digital and print.


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